Corrin Merric

A wily halfling rogue


Played by Neil Hogan. A 4’ halfling rogue who changes his appearance from city to city, using his expertise in social situations, thievery, gathering information and disguises.

Curernt Known Aliases:

Athkatla Camp = Alfonse (blonde wig/jaunty beret)
Athkatla City = Kadeem (black wig/cloak)
Baldur’s Gate = Corrin Merric (plain brown hair/plain everything)


A halfling who’s real name is Corrin Merric remembers his parents telling tales of adventures to him when he was little, before they put him up with his aunt in Baldur’s Gate. She had him doing some tasks around the city. Delivering packages without looking inside them, playing a game of dressing as a human child and looking out for authority figures, up to “bad things happen to bad people, it’s our duty to make that happen… so take that bad man’s purse.” Eventually, his aunt sent him on trips to cities as north as Luskan and as south as Amn along the Sword Coast and overseeing operations.

It didn’t take long for the poor halfling to realize his parents weren’t coming back, and his aunt was dealing in smuggling black market items and offering secure transportation for people. It never hurt anyone, but it was obviously skidding on the dark side of the law. At the age of 20, the halfling received the letter from his parents that his aunt held onto.

The letter explains his parents were being hunted and wanted to keep their son safe. Also his aunt divulges that this hunter is the reason why she keeps shipping her nephew from city to city and keeping him busy, but the time has come for him to leave as he doesn’t have many places left to hide.

Thus, the halfling is spurred into action and decides to be an adventurer like his parents, doing good like they did (though it may be tough). And gather his strength in case one day that hunter tracks him down…

Corrin Merric

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