Taka the Wizard

An elderly wizard with a strange love of the Shadowfell


Taka is in his mid-50’s, with white hair and large, expressive grey eyes behind thick-rimmed glasses. He is skinny and smells a little like fish. He loves cats and the Shadowfell.


Taka the wizard lives in the town of Withertongue, on the Sword Coast and while he is a simple fishing village wizard, more likely to predict the weather accurately than to ever do any great magic. He is a Shadowfell “fanboy” and loves everything about it. He is enamored with Bhanka, and honestly wishes to marry her.

His arsenal of spells include:
- Restore magic to an old magical item of low-level
- Preserve the freshness of fish
- Create water
- Predict weather
- Mend holes in fishing nets and confirm water-safety of boats
- Give random items minor cat-like qualities such as fur, stripes, purring…

Taka the Wizard

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