A Whispered Hope

Whispered Hope: Session 1

An Unlikely Party

A tiefling, a shadar-kai, a half-orc, a halfling and a human walk into a camp. Athkatla Camp, Section 110 to be exact.

Shortly after, a group known as the Ray of Sunshine appears demanding that the weak and downtrodden be moved out of this spacious camp, as they call themselves a big deal. The five unique individuals (Dorian, Todwin, Charlie, Bahnka and Alphonse) talk the other party down into having their own section.

Shortly after, another group comes in to disturb the camp. These individuals are known as the Collectors, and won`t take no for an answer. The five unlikely comrades fight against the 13 collectors, killing all but one, taking him to the authorities and keeping a Collector emblem too. Unfortunately due to huge amounts of blood splatter that needs to be cleaned up, the party is kicked out of the camp and suggested to head to Athkatla City.

Before leaving, Charlie befriends one of the party members from the Ray of Sunshine, a human sorcerer named Fred. Despite Charlie`s desires to keep the fellow human, Fred remains behind with his current adventurers. Also, one of the guards from the camp talks about an angel somewhere who`s investigating the numerous undead rising and terrorizing the area.

Along the way, Todwin opens up about her backstory. Alphonse admits that he wants to be an adventurer like his parents, maybe collect some powerful items along the way too. And for whatever reason, while the party kicks up dust, Dorian continues to be super-clean and neat.

Halfway to the city, the party runs into a line of slaves lead by more members of the Collectors. Alphonse and Charlie convince the slave trader to free 5 of the 35 slaves, pretending they have to take them back to Athkatla City. One of the slaves begs the adventurers to find her daughter to which the party agrees after the Collectors leave.

To find the daughter, the party travels through the forest, with Dorian leading them right into a horde of skeletons. After a vicious fight, they find the daughter about to have her arm sliced up by rat-men/shapeshifters. Bahnka takes initiative holding the leader hostage and demanding the girl be released. Dorian then checks the arcane spell they`re using and discovers it`s a fake.

Realizing they`ve been swindled, the rat pack decide to follow the party near to the city. The party vows to find a new home for these people so they don`t have to live out in the dangerous woods. Before they arrive, Alphonse changes his appearance and name, admitting to the party that an evil person from his past is chasing him, so he`s been used to changing his identity in each city.

Unfortunately their search for a new home for the rat people is fruitless but they did find out the name of the swindler, Lanar, and despite having varying reports of her size, race and colour, the three consistencies is that she`s a woman, with mismatched (blue and green) eyes, and she`s heading to Baldur`s Gate.

The party then decide that maybe building a wall for the rat people is the simplest solution for now, and they`ll make their way to Baldur`s Gate after that.


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