A Whispered Hope

Session #3:

The Pathfinders

The party leaves Withertongue on their way to the struggling Baldur’s Gate. On the way they meet the handsome elf general Rath Stroth. He is part of the “angel’s army” and is completely smitten with her, which he claims to have seen once.

Upon arriving at their destination, they realize the city is sealed off to outsiders, and that arrivals must request permission into the city or remain in the tent-city outside the gates.
The tired manager requests that the party help the missing food convoy reach the city from Winterhaven and then he’ll grant them a free pass into the city.

The party argues for a while about many things, least of all is their name, which they decide will be “The Pathfinders”, and they set off towards Winterhaven.

Almost at the city they are waylaid by an ambush of Kobolds, but manage to notice in time and turn the table on the nasty creatures, winning a clean victory.

Was this rag-tag team of kobolds the reason for the trade disruption? There must be more to it than that…


AnatRabkin AnatRabkin

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