A Whispered Hope

Session #2:

"Does the cape actually purr??"

Our heroes stopped at the town of Withertongue to get some rest on the way to Baldur’s Gate. A slightly eccentric old wizard become a bit obsessed with Bhanka and the Shadowfell. Although he himself in no more than a small fishing town wizard more adept at predicting the weather than true wizardry, his dream was always to be able to learn more of the Shadowfell.
As such, after creeping the crap out of Bhanka, he manages to hire the party to go fetch him a bit of condensed Shadowfell energy that he sensed in a nearby tide cave.

The party accepts his offer of 40gp and a possibly magical cape (after he restores its magic while they’re away), and head out.
It’s a tricky trip through the cave with unexpected twists and turns, and the party fights all manner of unpleasant creatures, but seems to slowly learn each others’ specialties and strengths.

The wizard is delighted, and hands them the money, an extra gem for their efforts and the cape he promised. The cape went through some accidental magical ‘catification’ and is furry, tabby and might possibly purr on occasion.

The party now wishes to find voyage on a boat headed to Baldur’s Gate.


AnatRabkin AnatRabkin

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